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Feline cognitive dysfunction
Toxic Foods
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Human Medications

Learn the top 10 human medications that are poisonous to pets.

Pet Jerky Treats

Information on jerky treats made in China! Please be aware of the risks!

Whiskers Auction

Whiskers Auction for the Animals
                                  aka: Meeting of the Red Cat Society

At the request of
the extremely exclusive, reclusive organization

Mr Rusty and Ms Olive would like to invite you to
The annual meeting of the Society
(also known as the
 Whiskers Auction for the Animals)

Tickets are $35.00 ahead of time, $40.00 at the door.         

Ear Infections

Find out how to treat ear infections in your pet. 

National Pet Memorial Day

It's National Pet Memorial Day. Learn how to deal with the loss of your furry friend.

Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Free nail trim

Like us on facebook to receive a free nail trim or ear cleaning with any housecall visit. Call us today at 915-3200 to schedule your pet's next appointment!

Tick prevention

Repelling ticks is important! If a tick can't insert their mouth parts into the skin, they can't transmit infections.
Ask us about prevention today!


Like us on Facebook to receive a free nail trim or ear cleaning with a housecall visit. Call us at (518) 915-3200! You can also now follow us on Twitter.

Annual exam

Remember: Early detection of disease is key. Once a problem has been identified, we can make appropriate treatment recommendations at a point when treatment will make the most difference. Has your pet had his annual exam?

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